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You Know How to Sell Commercial Vehicles. We Give You More Chances to Do It.

You don’t have to double your advertising budget to double the leads coming from your website. By optimizing your existing site for the commercial buyer, Work Truck Solutions turns more of your online visitors into buyers.

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Francis Hopping
Sales Manager, Corning Ford

89% of New Buyers Search Online for Their Next Vehicle

That means your website is more important than ever for sales. But getting them to your site is only half the challenge.

If a buyer can’t find what they want quickly, they might not know you have what they’re looking for and move on to the next dealership’s website.

The Best Shopping Experience a Commercial Buyer Can Get

The way commercial buyers search for a vehicle is vastly different from retail buyers. Work Truck Solutions has developed the most effective turn-key solution to keep visitors on your site and convert them into leads.

Our search engine lets buyers look for upfitted vehicles by simply clicking on an image of the work body they need. Then they can refine their search by the details that are most important to their business, like body length, body height, GVWR, cab-to-axle, and more.

We also pull chassis and body data directly from the OEMs and body manufacturers to make sure your vehicle pages display the most relevant and accurate specifications.

Unparalleled Results

Dealerships who use our solution see a huge increase in the lead volume coming from their online commercial inventory:

*The industry average VDP conversion rate is 1.8%. Work Truck Solutions dealers’ average conversion rate is 3.6%.

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Industry-Changing Tools

Along with the industry’s top commercial vehicle search engine, our service includes optional tools and features to help manage your inventory, keep track of your buyers, and sell more trucks.

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