Are your solutions mobile-friendly?

Yes. Work Truck Solutions products are designed to work on any device, whether you're using a phone, a tablet or a computer.

How do I request training?

If you are a current Work Truck Solutions customer, you can contact us at 855-987-4544 ext. 100 or

Does Work Truck Solutions require an annual contract?

No, we don't require an annual contract. We offer monthly and annual billing plans. We also create custom commitment plans for customers with special cases.

Does Work Truck Solutions support dealers outside the U.S?

Not yet. We currently support dealers, upfitters and OEMs within the U.S.

How long has Work Truck Solutions been in business?

We launched our first dealer locator website in December 2012.

How big is the company?

We have more than 80 employees located across the country.

Where is Work Truck Solutions located?

We are headquartered in Chico, CA. We have additional locations in California, Texas and Michigan.