VAST and Comvoy support commercial sales at your dealership

Access almost 40,000 commercial vehicles from wholesale sources such as fleets, auctions and rental companies to fulfill your customers’ needs.

Comvoy listings provide the information that matters and put you in front of commercial buyers that pay more than retail shoppers.

“Comvoy has been worth every penny and paid for itself many times over. Almost 30% of our total leads over the last 5 months have come from, and our close rate on these leads has exceeded 25%. We couldn’t be more elated with our decision to sign up!”

Eric Scott

Commercial Truck Specialist, Minnesota Truck Headquarters

“Access to inventory couldn't be more critical for dealers, so we have developed the technology and the platform [VAST] that offers dealers one-stop access to the broadest selection of commercial inventory (trucks, vans, SUVs and EVs) to support the needs of your business buyers.”

Kathryn Schifferle

Founder and CVO, Work Truck Solutions

Useful Reading For Independent Dealers

As the U.S., boosts manufacturing of parts and supplies, it means more commercial trucks are needed to ship those items, Ogris added.

For independents exploring this type of business, they should look around their local market and see what types of businesses there are and what types of trucks might serve that market....

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The commercial, or fleet business is an area where independent dealerships can make inroads. Why?

Because franchised dealers simply cannot get enough inventory to satisfy demand, and this means businesses are having to look for new sources for the work trucks and vans that fuel their livelihood...

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