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Headquartered in Northern California with locations in Michigan and Texas, Work Truck Solutions provides unique marketing and lead generation tools that are designed to help commercial vehicle buyers find their next work truck. Work Truck Solutions serves OEMs, body and equipment manufacturers, distributors and installers, and commercial vehicle dealers from all major brands across the United States. 

Work Truck Solutions was founded to help the commercial truck industry solve one big problem:

Commercial vehicle buyers struggle to find the work trucks they need to run their business. 

If you're in the commercial vehicle industry, you already know that commercial vehicle buyers needs are very specific. Often there are situations where commercial vehicle buyers need a vehicle now - maybe they just won a big bid and their business is growing, or a delivery truck breaks down unexpectedly. When a vehicle need is urgent, a business may have to settle for something that doesn't quite fit their needs while waiting several weeks to months for the vehicle they need to be built and upfitted.

Most online shopping tools don't address the unique needs of the commercial vehicle buyer. Is that an empty cargo van? Does it have a ladder rack? Is that a stock photo or the real deal? Is that an empty chassis or is it actually upfitted as a dump truck?  What's the bodylength on that stake bed? 

After years of industry research and familiarity with the day-to-day challenges of commercial salespeople, Kathryn Schifferle, the founder and CEO of Work Truck Solutions, recognized that dealers lacked a proper platform to manage and sell “work trucks.” Kathryn set out on a mission to help buyers find the work trucks they need by providing dealers with the tools they need to properly display their commercial inventory online. 

"What we passionately call 'work trucks' includes vans, pickups, box trucks and other commercial vehicles that help businesses get the job done." - Kathryn

Work Truck Solutions initially launched in April 2012 as a market trial in the Pacific Northwest providing inventory website solutions to a group of dealers focused on the commercial vehicle industry. The market trial proved to be a big success and Work Truck Solutions officially launched in December 2012. Work Truck Solutions offerings continued to evolve - giving dealerships and OEMs insights into their commercial vehicle inventory, connections with new buyers, and ultimately opportunities to sell more trucks.

After providing website and marketing solutions to the industry for several years, Kathryn and her team recognized that Work Truck Solutions could do more. On November 13, 2019 Work Truck Solutions launched - a national marketplace focused on the commercial vehicle buyer. Awareness of this new website is growing quickly. It helps buyers search for what they need and provides a new source of leads for the Work Truck Solutions Network. 


Kathryn Schifferle


LinkedIn Profile

Kathryn has served as CEO since founding Work Truck Solutions in 2011. She is dedicated to increasing efficiency and simplicity of the commercial vehicle industry through Work Truck Solutions. Her passion for the commercial vehicle industry began in 2007 when she became the Executive Director for the National Ford Truck Club, and began publishing FordPros Magazine. She holds an MBA from California State University Chico.

Gretchen Krugler

Chief Financial Officer

LinkedIn Profile

Gretchen is a highly analytical finance and planning executive who leverages her multi-function expertise to drive corporate profitability. She has diverse experience with large and small global companies, leading a variety of functions in finance, strategic planning, marketing, and operations. Gretchen holds an MBA in Finance from UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

Shawn Horswill

Vice President, Customer Success

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Shawn has years of hands-on experience in the world of cloud-based IT, development, and support operations. Shawn has led multibillion-dollar operations and IT teams, ensuring the customer experience was on brand and generated business success. As the VP of Customer Success, Shawn is responsible for customer care, on-boarding, and the company’s Dealer Success organization. Prior to joining the company in 2017, he held senior management positions at Open Sky, 11 Main, Auctiva and SunGuard.

Kevin Kinell

Vice President, Product & Engineering

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Kevin leads product development, software engineering, and technical operations. His involvement in the company started in 2013 when he formalized the company’s product development and engineering capabilities. Kevin left the company briefly for 2 years to work at Design by Humans, focusing on eCommerce Marketing and business development, rejoining Work Truck Solutions in early 2016. Kevin previously served as Vice President of Engineering at Auctiva. He is also an active mentor at ChicoStart, a local tech incubator, and serves on Chico State University’s Computer Science advisory board.

Keith Nordin

Vice President, Sales

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With more than 20 years of sales and business development experience, Keith has a successful track record of building and developing technical and sales organizations. Before joining Work Truck Solutions, Keith served as managing partner of Web Active Directory, an Identity and Access Management firm, and as VP of Sales for Kapow Software, a lucrative robotic process automation company. He also held key positions at enterprise software companies, including RightNow Technologies, acquired by Oracle, NetSuite, and The Bradshaw Group. Keith holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Counseling.

Gerry Ogris

New Business Development

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Gerry has successfully serviced dealerships for over 25 years. At Dealertrack he held several VP positions leading multiple software sales and operations teams contributing to its ascent to a billion-dollar company culminating in an acquisition by Cox Automotive. In his tenure at Reynolds + Reynolds, he led sales teams across all software product lines to significantly increase auto dealership market penetration. Ogris has utilized his relationships and industry know-how to advise the Comvoy team and contribute to the marketplace's early success.

Nicole Wilson

Director, Marketing & Communications

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Nikki spent the last nine years directing commercial vehicle marketing initiatives for Ford Motor Company focused on targeting small to medium-sized businesses––the same audience that Comvoy serves. With her deep understanding of the work truck sector, Wilson ensures that the Comvoy marketplace allows dealers to most effectively engage with their buyers.

Aaron Johnson

Director, Corporate Systems and Data

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Aaron spent the last 30 years leading technology organizations from the early stages of development through significant and sustained growth.  In his prior roles, Aaron was the president of a business unit for SunGard Data Systems and Business Unit Lead for EXL Services.  In each case, his organization provided mission-critical software solutions for the markets he served.  Aaron has deep technical knowledge as well ask broad business experience.  Aaron has a degree in computer science as well as his MBA.

Craig Stilwell

Sr. Director, Marketplace Growth

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As a seasoned entrepreneur and founding partner in several ecommerce companies, Craig has an established track record of maximizing revenue growth with customer centric processes.  With the co-founding of companies such as Clear Capital Inc., Home Products etc. and, he helped shape the online home improvement channel as it exists today.  Stilwell has utilized his leadership, innovation and focus on the customer journey to contribute to Comvoy’s early growth and success.

Jonathan Shaner

Data & SEO Manager

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Jonathan has over 20 years experience in the technology space in a variety of verticals with extensive online marketplaces experience. Before joining Work Truck Solutions, Jonathan was the National Sales Manager, Ecommerce for Klean Kanteen where he led all aspects of the ecommerce business including Amazon marketplaces. Previously Jonathan served as the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager for Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company and as the Marketplace Specialist for

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