External Feeds

Save Time, Increase Accuracy

Here's how External Data Feeds save you time and effort: Instead of manually performing vehicle data inventory extractions on a regular or daily basis, our external data feeds allow you to pull your commercial vehicle inventory data from the Work Truck Solutions platform and securely push a file of this data to your trusted business partners or any other dealership-supplied destination. This ensures that all information about your inventory is updated daily, providing buyers all the most current and accurate information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Benefits of External Data Feeds include:

We'll take care of the listings so you can focus on what makes your dealership successful.

Up to 3 External Data Feeds are included in the VIP and VIP+Boost packages. Feeds can be added to any package for $82.50/mo each, paid annually, or $99/mo each, paid month to month.

To sign up for External Feeds, contact your Dealer Success Coach or call (855) 987-4544.

Add-ons are only available for dealerships with Work Truck Solutions. To find out more about what we offer, visit Our Solutions.