Communicator is the easiest way to generate new sales by staying connected with your commercial customers. Choose the trucks you want to feature each month and increase qualified buyer traffic to your dealership.

Generate Leads

Generate Leads

  • Our reports show an average of 26 leads for every 1,000 emails sent.
  • We send you full contact details about your recipients and information on
    what stock numbers they’re interested in.

Sell More Trucks

Sell More Trucks

  • Feature up to six vehicles in your marketing emails to target your audience.
  • Vehicles featured in our emails see a 36% increase in Vehicle Detail Page views.

Increase Traffic

Increase Traffic

  • On average, our dealers see a 17% increase in traffic to their site.
  • Commercial buyers stay on your site for an average of 2 minutes per view.

> Industry-Specific Targeting and Strategy

We tailored our solution specifically to the commercial truck industry, so we can design your campaigns to target vocations that are strong in your market.

> Unique Monthly Email Content

We use our unique industry data to select the best vehicles for your audience and create relevant, engaging messages. This includes targeted subject lines, copy, headers, calls to action, and more.

> Brand-Friendly Design

We use many customizable templates to help us match the email design to your dealer site’s look and feel, supporting your brand.

> Ideal Timing to Reach More Buyers

Our email platform calculates the ideal time to send your emails to reach the widest audience and get maximum results.

> Compatible with the Most Common Email Clients

Our emails are compatible with over 24 email clients to ensure your messages look as good as they can across platforms.

> Mobile Friendly Content

Our recipients open our emails on a mobile device 70% of the time. All of our campaigns are optimized for mobile platforms to deliver the highest quality content on any screen.

> Validated Email Lists

We run your email list through a validation process to make sure all of your contacts are high quality and accurate.

> CAN-SPAM Compliant

We monitor your email campaigns to make sure they comply with the most recent legal requirements for email marketing.

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