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It’s never been easier to display and manage your commercial inventory online. Work Truck Solutions handles all the heavy lifting so you can focus on selling more commercial vehicles. With a Work Truck Solutions membership you receive:

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From $495 - $1,394 per month with 50% co-op pre-approved by Ford Commercial Vehicle Center, GM Business Elite, RAM Business Link, Nissan Commercial and Isuzu.

No set up fees.

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Put your work trucks online.

Search by body or chassis.

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Find the right truck fast.

Join the dealer network.

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Reduce your flooring costs.

Know what customers are buying.

Work Truck Solutions: By the Numbers

Inventory Growth

Work Truck Solutions is growing rapidly and expanding to hundreds of dealerships across the country. The collective total of unique commercial vehicles displayed on our customers’ commercial inventory pages has increased by an average of 85% quarter over quarter.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

The number of dealers using Work Truck Solutions has increased 54% over the same time period. Experience the success these dealers are having and join Work Truck Solutions today!

Trucks in the Dealer Trade Network

As a Work Truck Solutions member you gain the option to join the Online Dealer Trade Network. This allows you to display your specific vehicles on other dealers’ sites, helping you to move difficult to sell vehicles. You can also display other dealers’ vehicles on your site, increasing your virtual inventory and attracting more customers. These vehicles are displayed with a disclaimer saying they’re available through trade and have no dealer branding. You have complete control over which vehicles you share or show.

Our customers are sharing over 63% of their commercial vehicles on our Online Dealer Trade Network.

On average, individual vehicles in the network are showing on 17.7 other sites in addition to the stocking dealer’s.

Dealerships participating in our network are currently showing an average of 12.3 times more commercial vehicles than they are stocking.

Watch this short animation to learn more about the Dealer Trade Network.