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Commercial Opportunity in a Time of Innovation and Disruption

11:30am - 1:00pm, Thursday March 7 Room 132-133

Join us for a free event discussing the future of the commercial industry. A panel of industry leaders will share thoughts and predictions, lead by Work Truck Solutions' founder and CEO, Kathryn Schifferle. Topics include local fleet opportunities, buyer behavior, new products entering the commercial space, AI's effect on marketing and sales, and much more.

Previous Events

Growth Strategies for the Next Decade -- Autonomous Cars and the Coming Generational Wave

April 10, 2018 Digital Dealer Conference and Expo 24

Industry thought-leaders came together in a focused panel led by Kathryn Schifferle, founder and CEO of Work Truck Solutions, to discuss emerging technologies and generational trends that will upset the retail vehicle market. Tapping into their expertise, they discussed how dealerships can prepare for these changes from many different angles.

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