Shelby Hewitt

Shelby Hewitt
Dealer Success Coach
(530) 239-0718 LinkedIn Profile

Over the past 6 years, Shelby has provided direct customer service through individual account management, which evolved through internal/external training, and ultimately into operations management. Shelby understands that there is always a bigger picture with multiple considerations to be factored in, and a greater goal to achieve. She knows how to dig to find what's important, will help plan the most efficient path, and will be there to see you through.

With the recent changes impacting the Work Truck industry, Shelby's exceptional adaptability will prove to be clutch - she epitomizes turning a crisis into an opportunity.

Shelby has also been singing her entire life, and loves to go solo or in groups (just, don't let her get too focused, as she might score another singing-related injury!). She also dabbles in creating her own homemade healthcare products, and is an accomplished seamstress.