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Work Truck Solutions was recently featured in a Commercial Truck Training Newsletter. Read the whole interview below:

Introducing Work Truck Solutions!

Having been consulting in the commercial and fleet vehicle market for 15 years, it is rare that I come across a product that I can truly say, “wow!”  Work Truck Solutions is that product.  Rather than me try to explain how it works, I have Kathryn Schifferle, the CEO of Work Truck Solutions, with me today.

Ken: “Kathryn, welcome to Commercial Truck Training!”

Kathryn: “Thanks Ken, I am really excited about what we are doing and the opportunity to speak with you today.”

Ken: “Thanks so much! Let’s get to the main questions I know everyone will want to know.  First, how did Work Truck Solutions get started?

Kathryn: “I got a call from Joe Hughes, an experienced commercial manager at a Ford dealership complaining about how hard it was to find an upfitted work vehicle on the Internet. I was challenged by Joe to come up with a solution.  Our goal was to be able to find the upfitted vehicle if someone were searching a dealer’s website in just two clicks of the mouse.  That was 2009-2010.”

Ken: “Congrats, you did it! Kathryn, I went to 10 websites of dealers that I knew stocked upfitted work vehicles and on average it took at least six clicks to find what I wanted. I then went to dealership sites that I knew had Work Truck Solutions and in every case it only took two clicks to find what I wanted.  I don’t think the average business owner is going to be that patient to click six times!”

Kathryn: “Ken, not only will they abandon the site, most likely they won’t ever be back.”

Ken: “Ouch!  That can really hurt future sales. Kathryn, is there an ideal dealership for your service?”

Kathryn: “Ken, that’s the beauty of Work Truck Solutions. If you are a small commercial department with limited inventory as far as a prospect knows, you can use our trade network inventory to look loaded with trucks and vans.  If you carry a large inventory your inventory becomes visible online so you look even bigger and make it super simple for prospects to find your inventory.”

Ken: “Kathryn, one thing I love about Work Truck Solutions is the outbound marketing potential. Could you talk a little about that feature?”

Kathryn: “Certainly! You can take a particular vehicle with a specific upfit and do outbound marketing to at least five relevant prospects at a time.  Not only can you send specific inventory to your target prospect, you can put a quote with your outbound email. You can even use the same tool while someone is on the phone with you, sending them a quote or trucks so you don’t let them get away!”

Ken: “That goes along with what we teach dealerships about commercial marketing, it has to be targeted.  What better target than to send potential customers information and photos on exactly what their company drives?!  Kathryn, I know dealers, they are going to ask some tough questions. Tell me what you see are the benefits of Work Truck Solutions.”

Kathryn: “First, we can reduce the days the vehicle is on the lot, through our optional trade network.  This is always important, and a big complaint by dealers when stocking upfitted trucks.  However, if a dealer does have strong selling inventory they want to keep, they don’t have to list it in the network. They even have options to choose which other dealers on Work Truck Solutions with whom they wish to partner, and can even protect specific trucks in their geographic area.

Ken: “One thing I have heard from my dealers is how fast and efficient your team is about getting things up and running.”

Kathryn: “Ken, we are a bunch of workaholics!  It is important to us that the dealers have an outstanding experience from start to finish.”

Ken: “So, how does a dealer get started?”

Kathryn: “A dealer starts us off by giving us access to their inventory data, and their on-lot photos so prospects can actually see the vehicles they want. We also need body invoices so we can put in details about the finished truck, including in-depth product data we get from body manufacturers.  You will also notice we make it impossible for prospects to see that a commercial truck is not on the lot but at another dealership.  We white out tags, etc., and in some cases palm trees and mountains!”

Ken: “I guess if you are in Venice Beach, mountains in the background might be a dead giveaway!  Is there anything you guys don’t do?”

Kathryn: “We try to cover all the bases! We even give dealers weekly and monthly reports to help them manage inventory and make better stocking decisions.”

Ken:  “Kathryn I am completely sold, in fact we have a marketing plan we have designed for the dealerships who use the Work Truck Solutions product on their website.  I can see you guys changing the buying habits of business prospects!”

Kathryn: “I think we already have.  Prospects are attracted back to websites that they know will show the inventory they need.  By attracting them to the site more often, we are starting to alter their buying habits.”

Ken: “Count me in as your biggest fan! So if a dealer wanted to contact you, what steps do they need to take?”

Kathryn: “Go to our website and go to the “Test Drive” tab.  Enter your information and you can test drive the product. We will contact you to see if you have any questions.  It is really a low key process where we want to help any way we can.  We feel like we are making a difference by helping dealers be more successful.”

Ken: “I am careful about recommending products Kathryn, but I have to give Work Truck Solutions an A+ and my full endorsement.  As my clients know, I don’t take any money or incentives when I recommend a product, so this is from the heart.  Kathryn, one last thing, have you seen the TV show “Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?”

Kathryn: “Isn’t It hosted by Jeff Foxworthy?”

Ken: “Yes, and even a 5th grader can go to a retail dealer website, see the tab “Work Trucks” and find the right truck in two clicks.  Your product is truly a no brainer!”

Kathryn: “Ken, thank you so much for the compliment, but I would worry about going up against some 5th graders!  Kids are so smart these days.”

Ken: “And that’s the point – with Work Truck Solutions any business owner can find the truck or van he or she wants in two clicks…or their 5th grader can!  I had to put a little humor in this interview! Kathryn, thanks so much for your time, you are truly one of the people in this business who wants to make a difference.  By the way, please give Joe Hughes my best, he is such a first class guy!”

Kathryn: I will tell Joe and I sincerely thank you for all your support and belief in us.

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