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Work Truck Solutions Releases 2018 Search Data

Work Truck Solutions Releases FrontLine
CHICO, Calif., October 1, 2019 – Work Truck Solutions, the company that simplified the commercial vehicle business for
dealerships across the US, just released their newest product: FrontLine. FrontLine is laser-focused on displaying and
promoting the dealer’s commercial inventory online, catering to the way commercial buyers want to shop. This new
offering is based on Work Truck Solutions’ research, which shows that work trucks and vans that display both on-lot
photos and rich body details gain more buyer interest and therefore turn faster than vehicles missing these important
buyer specifics. FrontLine makes it easy for dealers to display these important commercial vehicle details and improve
the quality and stickiness of their online shoppers.

“Our dealers give us their inventory feed and we take care of the rest... They tell us that managing their online inventory
used to take hours of administrative work and now it only takes minutes,” Kathryn Schifferle, Founder & CEO of Work
Truck Solutions explained. “All Work Truck Solutions products use our trademarked Vocational Carousel, with its iconic
wireframe interface, to help commercial buyers visually find the specialized work truck or van they need––in just two
clicks. We specifically created Frontline to help those dealers whose first and only priority is to get their commercial
inventory in front of their customers, online, in the best way possible,” Schifferle expanded.

By adding FrontLine to their offerings, Work Truck Solutions now gives dealers the flexibility to build the custom package
that matches their needs. After a dealer has implemented FrontLine to maximize their commercial vehicle online
display, Work Truck Solutions provides a variety of Dealer Solutions to augment their commercial business. Dealers can
enhance their commercial business with commercial management Tools, advanced Analytics, and customized
commercial website Content that includes 24/7 technical support plus marketing consultations that help increase quality
traffic and expand their commercial vehicle business.

“Hands down the best way to showcase commercial inventory. No cumbersome searches. This narrows down in
seconds. Also, Work Truck Solutions is a great partner, helping us to increase sales and manage our inventory better.
Good for any dealer size or level of experience,” commented AJ Hewitson, Commercial and Fleet Sales Director at
Paradise Chevrolet, who has been a Work Truck Solutions customer since 2014. Paradise Chevrolet, in Temecula,
California, realized early in the game that offering their commercial buyers an easy way to shop was critical to growing
their commercial business.

Since Work Truck Solutions launched service for their first dealer seven years ago, they have continued to meet dealer
requests to provide solutions for rapidly growing, profitable commercial opportunities. Today, with retail car sales and
margins down, Work Truck Solutions provides dealers with best practices and benchmarks for success in the commercial
space, growing incrementally at 5-10% per year, depending on the specific market area. For a dealer market opportunity
assessment, email your dealer information to info@worktrucksolutions.com.

About Work Truck Solutions
Work Truck Solutions offers dealerships, OEMs, body manufacturers and distributors solutions that optimize their
commercial business and provide their buyers the industry’s best online commercial vehicle shopping experience.
Through partnerships with major industry stakeholders, Work Truck Solutions helps the entire industry work better
together and sell more trucks. Find out more by visiting www.worktrucksolutions.com.