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Want more leads? Maybe you need more photos!

Getting high-quality leads from your website hinges on providing the right information to the right buyer, before they ever visit your dealership. Our software solutions provide all the chassis and body information, but it is up to your dealership to provide as many high-quality images as possible. We have millions of vehicles in our database and have found that more images lead to proportionally more leads.

We looked at 2020 lead data for our inventory to see where the sweet spot might be. We have a number of listings with no photos. As expected, they have the lowest proportion of leads compared to the total inventory. Listings with fewer than six photos also show fewer leads than those with more photos. All levels above five photos show a much more positive lead count.

So, what’s the sweet spot? Listings with 17 to 20 photos have the largest increase in leads as a proportion to inventory of all the different photo levels. Check out your listings to see if you have enough photos. Add more photos to the inventory that isn’t getting enough attention.

Need help taking steller photos? Check our guide below and download it here

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