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Success Story: Dealer Trade Equals Happy Customers & Happy Dealers

In Minnesota, you can find a smart, kind, and hardworking commercial salesman named Dale Covington who loves his job and loves work trucks. Dale reached out to his talented Dealer Success Coach (DSC), Vanessa, to share this story of how Work Truck Solutions is helping dealers.

Because of COVID-19, Dale was furloughed for three months. He has been back in the dealership since the first of July. Even while furloughed, Dale was able to answer inquiries because Work Truck Solutions enabled him to work remotely. Your ‘office’ can be anywhere these days! When he was able to return to the Rochester Chevrolet Cadillac dealership's physical location, it didn’t take long for a new lead to come in. The eager buyer needed an extremely specific kind of box truck, one that was over 12-feet. The buyer explained that he was from the Twin Cities, but wanted to expand his search to find just the right truck. As the buyer had made deliveries in the Rochester area, he was somewhat familiar with it and decided to broaden his search. This is how he met Dale. Unfortunately, all Dale had at the time was a 12-foot box truck.

Network Inventory Finder Tool from Work Truck Solutions

Being the resourceful fella he is, Dale used the Network Inventory Finder (NIF) to quickly locate the specific truck his customer needed within the Dealer Trade Network. Where did Dale find the unique ride that his buyer was looking for? Well, in Illinois at Raymond Chevrolet. The NIF made it easy for Dale to figure out who to contact, and he quickly made friends with the Fleet and Commercial Director at Raymond Chevrolet, Scott Yassinger. As luck would have it, we would call it Truckma *, both dealerships realized that they had the same Work Truck Solutions DSC, the lovely and talented Miss Vanessa Navarro. They bonded over how awesome Vanessa is, and as a result, Dale said he had a really great trade experience with Raymond Chevrolet. Dale and Scott agreed that Dale would give Scott an empty cargo van, and in return, Scott would send over the highly coveted special box truck.

Dale reported, “the Dealer Trade Network worked exactly how it was supposed to work.”

The transaction was smooth and hassle-free. Dale was able to deliver the exact vehicle his buyer wanted the very next day. Want more great news?? Scott was able to sell the empty cargo van he received from Dale to a customer he had lined up the very next day as well, for even more Truckma! It goes without saying that two customers were made very happy. Dale said he likely made a returning customer out of the box truck buyer, and now has a good trade partnership with Scott at Raymond Chevrolet.

Click Here to learn more about Dealer Trade with a short YouTube video.

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