The Rise of Vans in the U.S.

There's no question that vans are becoming a popular choice for businesses. Vans are easier to maneuver, they're more fuel efficient, and are often cheaper to customize for a business' unique requirements than work trucks are. Since they continue to be adapted to new industries and trades, vans present a big opportunity for commercial dealerships.

Still, many buyers don't know what their options are or how they can customize vans to their needs.

A Better Way to Sell Vans

VanBuilder creates an intuitive shopping experience for prospective van buyers, laying out all the choices available to them, and helping them narrow their search by their vocation.

By walking them through a simple process to understand the best interior packages and vans for their vocation, you can help them become more secure in their buying decisions.

Additionally, your buyers will know exactly what to order by the time they reach out to your sales team, making your job easy.

How VanBuilder Works

VanBuilder clarifies the shopping process by guiding your buyers through a simple customization process.

By choosing their vocation and the relevant interior packages first, we show them only the vans that fit their specific needs. Then, once they select the van they want, they can reach out to you from our platform, sending you all of the information about their custom order.

VanBuilder is available as an add-on solution to any Work Truck Solutions package at no additional charge.

To sign up for VanBuilder, contact your Dealer Success Coach or call (855) 987-4544.

Add-ons are only available for dealerships with Work Truck Solutions. To find out more about what we offer, visit Our Solutions.