Commercial Pro Stack

The Commercial Pro Stack is geared toward dealerships looking to set themselves apart and take their B2B business to the next level. You’ll get a commercial website tailored to business buyers, including robust search functionality, a Vocational Carousel that makes the shopping process efficient and frictionless, along with the vehicle and body details these shoppers require. Pro Stack dealers also have numerous customization options, extended strategic business intelligence reports, such as a dashboard featuring body type performance that guides future plans, plus customized and targeted content that drives SEO rankings. Advanced Commercial CRM functionality improves processes and enhances sales opportunities, taking your commercial presence to another level and establishing your commercial department as the one to shop in your market.

Work Truck Solutions completely changed the environment in which we sell commercial vehicles because they changed how we were able to display them on our digital showroom [our website].Jason Savino, Marketing Director/Sales Manager, All American Auto (Ford)

CV Showroom

A smart digital catalog that improves the buyer shopping experience by displaying different vehicle types, including those not currently on-lot, and even those that you’ve not previously carried to test the interest level in your market, and capture more business.


EZOrder provides a way for you to say “yes” to customer inquiries. Gain more customers and keep those you already have by getting their orders.

Vehicle Acquisition Search Tool

A one-stop-spot to find the work trucks, vans, and pickups your commercial buyers need from an ever growing collection of inventory sources such as auctions, fleets, and rental companies.

A national, structured and searchable marketplace for commercial buyers where you can display your inventory. is the destination for vocational buyers to find their perfect work vehicle for their specific business needs.

Pro Commercial Business Intelligence

With Pro Commercial Business Intelligence, you’ll have data visualization tools that provide actionable insights leading to improved decision making. For example, the Buyer Engagement Insights and Detailed Engagement Insights are a powerful one, two punch that help you understand how buyers are engaging with your site, where your web traffic is originating from and what vehicle types are getting the most attention. Armed with this type of information, decisions can be made on current actual data, rather than on hunches and assumptions.

Strategic Monthly Market Consultations

The goal of your assigned Customer Success Manager is to help your commercial department exceed expectations. Their monthly consultations offer strategic coaching and tactical process recommendations, covering topics like inventory management and marketing, best practices, growth, and new product/service opportunities. Ultimately, your success is their success. And, to help you get even more out of the Work Truck Solutions toolset, our vast on-demand video training library and support enables you to deep-dive on numerous subjects.

Finely Tuned Training Resources

Having top notch tools and solutions are essential to helping you reach your commercial goals. However, if you don’t know how to use them, you’re missing out. It’s like having the best engine in the world, without an instruction manual showing you how to start it. That’s why we’ve invested so much into our customer on-boarding and training curriculum. 

Our implementation team will get you started off on the right track from day one, and access to the on-demand training portal offers you anytime access to videos and how-to documents to ensure you get the most out of your Work Truck Solutions platform and tools. And when you couple these resources with the regular consultations provided by your assigned Customer Success Manager, you have all you need to keep your commercial “engine” running at top speed.  

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With Work Truck Solutions, I have the tools I need to sell; it's foolproof.Will Grant, National Commercial Account Manager, Randy Marion Automotive


How do I sign-up with Work Truck Solutions?

What are the hours for Technical support?

  • Commercial Core Stack: Support is available 6:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Commercial Pro Stack: Support is available 24/7

How do I contact Technical support?

What does the typical onboarding process look like once I have signed on with Work Truck Solutions? 

  • Once you have returned the signed agreement, you will be introduced to your Implementation Specialist (IS). Your IS will work with you to get all of the info needed to build your site. Time to onboard depends on how engaged you are with the IS, however, in general the goal is to keep onboarding under 14 business days.
  • Click Here to see a quick video explaining the onboarding process. 

Will I have an assigned account manager?

  • Yes! Each dealer is assigned an account manager, who we lovingly call a Customer Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM will be your go-to person for anything you need relating to your Work Truck Solutions commercial site. 
  • CSM’s are always reviewing their dealer’s site, reviewing their analytics, and making sure everything is in tip-top shape in order to ensure their dealer’s commercial department is as successful as possible!
  • Click Here to watch a quick video on what to expect after the onboarding process, once you have been introduced to your Customer Success Manager.

Now that I have signed on with Work Truck Solutions, what are my training options?

  • Once you are signed up and through onboarding, you can use your On-Demand training portal for anytime, anywhere access to videos and written how-to’s on the tools and features available to you within the Work Truck Solutions platform. To get to your On-Demand training portal, simply login to your Work Truck Solutions commercial site, hover over the Help tab on the main navigation bar and select “On-Demand Training”.
  • You are also able to schedule live web-ex trainings with our Product Training Specialist as many times as you’d like! Click Here to access the training calendar. Simply choose your time zone, find a date and time that works for you and once you have filled out your contact information you will get a meeting invite for your training session. 

How can I upgrade my package?

  • You can reach out to your assigned Customer Success Manager to start the upgrade process, you can reach out directly to sales via phone or email (listed below) or Click Here for our contact form.
  • Phone: (855) 265-9996
  • Email:

Partner with the Commercial Experts

At Work Truck Solutions, we’re focused on one thing - helping commercial vehicle dealerships succeed. Serving over 1,300 dealer customers, and partnering with OEMs and numerous upfitters, we offer comprehensive solutions targeted toward your commercial business. Not only does this focus shine through with the tools, services and solutions we offer, but it’s also exemplified by our involvement in the commercial space, such as:

  • NADA - 2024 Work Truck Solutions workshop: The Commercial Side of Digital Retailing - Tools for Success
  • NTEA - We’re long-time members of this well recognized Association for the Work Truck Industry, regularly participating in various shows, expos, seminars and meetings.
  • Commercial Vehicle Business Summit - We host and produce this virtual event twice per year for the benefit of dealerships, upfitters, OEMs, and consultants in our industry. Click here to see the video playlists. [Fall 2023] [Spring 2023]     
  • Ford Truck Clubs - We’ve participated in many of these events over the years and are committed to continuing this practice so we can hear first-hand what our customers need, and work with them to solve the challenges they face.
  • Automotive News PACE Award winner - We received this prestigious award as recognition for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance.

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