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Work Truck Solutions Dealer Agreement

Work Truck Solutions provides a service that allows commercial dealers to display their inventory on a dedicated commercial inventory site with the most up-to-date and accurate information. A dealer’s commercial inventory site includes photos and details of both the chassis and body so that truck buyers can easily search for inventory online and request additional information from the dealer.

Work Truck Solutions also provides tools for the dealer to manage their leads, to prospect, to perform internal searches for trucks, to better understand what customers are looking to purchase, and to participate in an optional online dealer network of commercial inventory.

As soon as a dealer signs up, Work Truck Solutions begins customizing the dealer’s commercial inventory site, designing display options and setting up the feeds required to power their inventory site; as a result, billing begins immediately on signup. The first invoice will be prorated for the initial month. Once Work Truck Solutions receives all required dealer profile information and body invoices, the average commercial inventory site can be live in 2 weeks.

The dealer will be billed $495/month for each OEM brand and for each location. There is no contract term, the service is month-to-month with a 30-day cancellation notice required.

The participating dealer agrees to provide:

  • Limited access to DMS data plus inventory and photo feeds to power the commercial inventory site’s display of vehicle information
  • Access to body invoices from the dealer and their suppliers, so that Work Truck Solutions can extract body details to be matched with chassis data for display on the commercial inventory site
  • Links created from the existing dealership website to the new commercial inventory site
  • Authorization for Work Truck Solutions to promote the commercial inventory site to truck buyers on behalf of the dealer

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