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17 August 2015
Dealers who are using Work Truck Solutions’ online service to show their inventory on their own dealer’s website to small fleet customers, will now gain Fleet Management Companies as customers!!! Find out more in this Ford Pros Article
9 June 2015
“Ken is also trying out a new online sales tool now available to commercial dealers. Loganville Ford recently updated their website and is now using Work Truck Solutions to display their inventory online, making it searchable by body type for all of his truck customers. Loganville is still in an early phase with this new...
5 June 2015
Many FordPros started their automotive career by working the retail floor and then move to the commercial side of the dealership. This was not how Gus Schagen entered the work truck world… Read More
5 May 2015
For small truck fleets, finding the exact work truck that the business needs on a dealer’s lot can be a challenge. “Data about work trucks was not displaying on dealers’ websites; we wanted to change that,” says Kathryn Schifferle, CEO and founder of Work Truck Solutions. Work Truck Solutions was just featured on the popular...
8 March 2015
Jim Brandt, the General Manager of James Ford talks about his experience with Work Truck Solutions in this new Ford Pros article. “Work Truck Solutions is working out pretty good. The potential customers just see James Ford and the truck they want to buy.”
8 March 2015
“96% of your customers are doing their car research online and 4 in 5 are using their smartphones to decide what and where to buy – even when they’re on your lot.” Taylor Steinberg, a Corporate Sales Trainer, just wrote this article about Work Truck Solutions!
9 December 2014
Work Truck Solutions (WTS) reported that their 6-week ‘Test Drive’ campaign, which aimed at expanding their Commercial Dealer service across the US, has met with great success. This 6-week campaign delivered new dealers in 11 states, bringing WTS to serving a total of 14 states from coast to coast. “Our dealers are excited about how...
9 October 2014
“How great would it be if you could keep commercial sales going 24/7 and not have to have someone sitting in their office or be out on the lot to do so? Well, you’re in for a surprise, that’s exactly what Work Truck Solutions can do for you! With their cloud-based service, Truck Buyers can...
9 October 2014
“Work Truck Solutions helps Commercial/Fleet departments and medium-duty truck dealers across the U.S. show Truck Buyers that they are ‘Open for Work Truck Business’. When Truck Buyers returning to the market after 13+ years search online, they find comprehensive information for the truck they need on that dealer’s own website. Work Truck Solutions also gives...
9 June 2014
Several other dealerships within the Asbury Automotive Group are reporting success using WTS. “I like the concept. It is of real value to us,” Jim said. “It presents us to the customer as being able to offer any kind of vehicle. We try to keep a diverse selection in our inventory, but we can’t have...