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Frequently Asked Questions
  • General Questions

    • Do Work Truck Solutions Websites Work on Phones and Tablets?

      Work Truck Solutions Commercial Inventory Sites are designed to work on any device, so that a customer can easily find the vehicle they're searching for whether they're using a phone, a tablet or a computer.
    • Can I Manage My Website on a Phone or Tablet?

      Yes. Work Truck Solutions sites are built to work on any device. This allows you to manage your site and respond to leads on the go, and provides a better buying experience for your customers.
    • Does Work Truck Solutions Operate Outside of the United States?

      Currently Work Truck Solutions only operates in the United States but may expand to neighboring countries in the future.
    • Does Work Truck Solutions Offer Free Support?

      Yes! Work Truck Solutions offers free support in a number of ways.
    • Can I Display Used Inventory on My Commercial Site?

      Yes. Work Truck Solutions allows you to display used inventory on your site with a free Add-On. Get Started
    • What are Add-Ons?

      Work Truck Solutions offers a number of auxiliary services to dealers. These Add-Ons are only available to dealers who are signed up for the primary website service. Some Add-Ons are free while others charge a monthly fee. Learn More
    • How Long Does it Take to Build a Commercial Inventory Site?

      Once Work Truck Solutions receives all the required information from the dealership it takes about 2 weeks for a new commercial website to go live.
  • Pricing, Co-op & Contracts

    • Does Work Truck Solutions have contracts?

      No. Work Truck Solutions has no contracts. It is a month-to-month service that you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.
    • How Much Does a Work Truck Solutions Commercial Inventory Website Cost?

      Work Truck Solutions inventory sites cost $495 a month per brand per location. Most major OEMs provide 50% Co-op.
    • Are Work Truck Solutions' Services Approved for Co-op?

      Yes. Work Truck Solutions is approved for 50% Co-op by most major OEMs. Additionally, Work Truck Solutions is approved for GM Turnkey and Ford Auto-Claim.
    • How Much do Add-Ons Cost?

      Work Truck Solutions offers a number of additional services for our customers. Some of these services are free, while others cost a monthly fee.
  • Inventory Management & Feeds

    • Why Does Work Truck Solutions Need Access to our DMS?

      Work Truck Solutions uses your DMS data to insure your truck buyers see the most complete, accurate and current information about your commercial inventory.
    • Do Work Truck Solutions Inventory Sites Integrate with My CRM?

      Yes. By signing up for our free CRM Integration Add-On, you can connect your commercial site to your CRM. Currently our CRM integration sends leads from your commercial inventory site to your CRM including buyer information, vehicle information and the salesperson who handled the lead. A more advanced integration with more features is coming later in 2016. Sign Up
    • Can Dealers Add Additional Information About Specific Trucks?

      Yes. Dealers can add vehicle specific disclaimers and YouTube videos which will display on that vehicle's detail page.
    • Can Dealers Set Custom Pricing for Specific Trucks?

      Yes. Dealers can set custom pricing for specific vehicles.
  • The Online Dealer Trade Network

    • What is the Online Dealer Trade Network?

      As a Work Truck Solutions member you gain the option to join the Online Dealer Trade Network. This allows you to display your specific vehicles on other dealers’ sites, helping you to move difficult to sell vehicles. You can also display other dealers’ vehicles on your site, increasing your virtual inventory and attracting more customers. These vehicles are displayed with a disclaimer saying they’re available through trade and have no dealer branding. You have complete control over which vehicles you share or show and which dealerships you trade with. Watch this short animation to learn more about the Dealer Trade Network.
    • Do I Have to Share My Inventory?

      No, you have complete control over each and every work truck in your inventory. You can share individual work trucks when you want, or you can set them to show in the Dealer Trade Network after a certain number of days on lot. You can also choose not to share any of your inventory. Additionally, you can choose which dealers you trade with.
    • Do I Have to Display Other Dealers' Inventory?

      No, you have complete control over the inventory you display on your site. You can choose to display inventory from certain dealers or only show your own on lot inventory.
  • 2-Minute Prospecting

    • What is 2-Minute Prospecting?

      2-Minute Prospecting is a sales and prospecting tool built into Work Truck Solutions inventory sites. It makes it easy for Truck Pros to send emails to buyers with specific truck detail information from your commercial site.
    • Can I Send More Than One Vehicle?

      Yes. You can send as many vehicles as you would like.
    • Can I Prospect to More Than One Buyer?

      Yes. You can email up to five buyers at once.
    • Can I Attach Files to 2-Minute Prospecting Emails?

      Yes. You can attach files to 2-Minute Prospecting Emails.
    • Can I Use Dealer Trade Vehicles for 2-Minute Prospecting?

      Yes. You can send 2-Minute Prospecting emails using the inventory other dealers share on the Online Dealer Trade Network.
    • Can I Send 2-Minute Prospecting Emails with Custom Pricing?

      Yes. Your sales manager controls who has access to this feature. If your sales manager has granted you custom pricing privileges you can send emails to customers with custom sale pricing.
  • Analytics

    • What are Analytics?

      Analytics tools allow dealers to track which body types customers are searching for. With a Work Truck Solutions membership dealers receive monthly reports on how many people visit their site, where they come from, what trucks they view and what body types they search for. These reports aid dealers in making stocking decisions, helping them to attract more customers and reduce flooring costs.
    • How Often Do Dealers Receive Analytics Reports?

      Work Truck Solutions sends them monthly by default. Dealers can choose to receive analytics reports weekly or daily if they prefer.
    • Can I See an Example Analytics Report?

      Yes. We've removed identifying information from this analytics report so that you can see an example. View Example
  • Add-Ons

    • Free Add-Ons

      • Used Vehicles

        • Can Dealers Display Used Vehicles?

          Yes. Dealers can display used vehicles on their commercial inventory sites. This feature is disabled by default. Contact us to begin displaying used inventory.
        • Do Dealers Have to Pay to Display Used Vehicles?

          No. Displaying used vehicles is a free add-on to Work Truck Solutions' primary service. Get Started
      • CRM Integration

        • What is CRM Integration?

          Our custom commercial CRM integration connects your Work Truck Solutions inventory site to your dealership’s CRM, so that your CRM contains the most up to date information without your staff having to enter information in two separate locations. Our CRM integration sends leads from your commercial inventory site to your CRM including buyer information, vehicle information and the salesperson who handled the lead. A more advanced integration with more features is coming later in 2016. Learn More
        • CRM Integration is free!

          That's right. CRM integration is free! Sign Up
    • Paid Add-Ons

      • Communicator

        • What is Communicator?

          Communicator is an email marketing solution for the commercial industry. Build a connection with your commercial truck buyers through a monthly marketing email. Build dealership loyalty with your customers while promoting your commercial inventory website. Work Truck Solutions will send out a monthly marketing email with custom messaging, photos of the trucks you want to sell and links back to your commercial inventory website. Learn More
        • How Much Does Communicator Cost?

          We have four options for you to choose from:
          • 6 Month: $2,700 ($450 per month)
          • 6 Month Pre-Paid: $2,250 ($450 discount)
          • 12 Month: $4,500 ($375 per month)
          • 12 Month Pre-Paid: $3,750 ($750 discount)
          Sign Up
        • Where Does My Communicator Email List Come From?

          Work Truck Solutions gathers commercial customers' emails from five years of your DMS history and combines these with any other email addresses you would like to prospect to. Work Truck Solutions can also gather more email addresses for an additional fee.
        • Can Work Truck Solutions Provide Additional Email Addresses for Communicator?

          Yes. For an additional charge Work Truck Solutions will gather email addresses from relevant businesses local to your dealership. You select the business types you want to focus on and the maximum distance from your dealership. Work Truck Solutions will provide you with businesses matching your criteria. You can then decide the number of businesses you want emails for. Each 1,000 businesses costs $1,100, but generally provide you with 2,000-3,000 email addresses of key decision makers. You retain complete control of the email list.
      • Inventory Channel Stream

        • What is Inventory Channel Stream?

          Work Truck Solutions is working to integrate with a number of other services to save you time and help you sell more trucks. Currently we can push a feed of your inventory information to Commercial Truck Trader. By automating your Commercial Truck Trader feed you can insure that CTT has the most up to date and accurate information on your inventory while saving your staff time. We’ll automatically push your latest inventory information to CTT for you so that truck buyers can easily find and purchase your vehicles. Learn More
        • How Much Does Inventory Channel Stream Cost?

          ICS is $99 a month and is pre-approved for 50% Co-op by most major OEMs. You must already have a Commercial Truck Trader account to take advantage of ICS. Sign Up
      • Work Truck Websites

        • What are Work Truck Websites?

          Work Truck Websites are different from commercial inventory sites. Want a dedicated commercial website that can display all of your OEMs and link to your inventory sites? Work Truck Solutions builds specialized sites tailored to do just that. Work Truck Websites are built using extensive knowledge of the commercial truck industry to insure that your site is as user friendly as possible, helping you to sell more trucks and build customer relationships. Learn More
        • How Much do Work Truck Websites Cost?

          Work Truck Websites cost $175 per month. You must commit to a minimum of one year. After one year your subscription is automatically renewed. We require 30 days notice for cancellation. (You retain your URL.) Sign Up
      • Advanced Call Management

        • What is Advanced Call Management?

          Advanced Call Management provides you with additional tools to manage phone calls coming in through your commercial inventory site. This service can enhance your call management in a number of ways:
          • All calls are recorded so that they can be reviewed for training purposes.
          • You can set up a ‘Round Robin’ which cycles through your truck salespeople (truck pros) when a new phone lead comes in.
          • Alternately, you can set up a ‘Phone Blast’ which calls all of your truck pros at once when a lead comes in. Whoever answers first gets it!
          Learn More
        • How Much does Advanced Call Management Cost?

          Advanced Call Management is only $25 dollars per month per site. Sign Up