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What Truck Buyers Want - The Most Searched Commercial Vehicles

For the first time commercial truck dealers are able to track which body types customers are searching for on their sites, using Work Truck Solutions' analytics tools. We have aggregated hundreds of thousands of searches completed by online visitors of dealerships currently using Work Truck Solutions. This data sheds light on commercial truck buyers' online shopping behavior. As you can see, the number of searches being tracked is growing rapidly, so over time there will be more comprehensive data and analysis.

The service body topped out the charts, accounting for almost 1 in 5 searches. These bodies are popular since they can be used for so many different vocations.

Commercial vans have continued to become more popular, accounting for 33.41% of overall searches in 2015, 35.81% of searches in the first quarter of 2016, and 36.41% of searches in the second quarter of 2016.

Quarter 4, 2016 (138,923 Searches)

Quarter 3, 2016 (103,256 Searches)

Quarter 2, 2016 (79,591 Searches)

Quarter 1, 2016 (71,885 Searches)

2015 Searches (125,017 Searches)

Quarter 4, 2015 (57,933 Searches)

Quarter 3, 2015 (34,232 Searches)

Quarter 2, 2015 (18,257 Searches)

Quarter 1, 2015 (14,595 Searches)