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Build a connection with your truck buyers by sending them a monthly marketing email. Build dealership loyalty with your customers while promoting your work truck inventory.

  • One marketing email per month, per rooftop.
  • Your email distribution list can have an unlimited number of emails. It includes commercial emails from 5 years of your DMS history and any additional email addresses you wish to provide. Your email distribution list can be updated every 6 months.
  • Your first month will include an email to clean your entire distribution list. (The initial list may shrink due to invalid, inactive or bounced emails.)
  • The marketing email will be refreshed every month with new dealer content and commercial vehicles.
  • A week after the monthly marketing email is initially distributed, Work Truck Solutions will resend the marketing email to all individuals who did not open the original one with a new subject line.
  • You will receive a “Warm Lead” report after each monthly campaign is distributed which will include the number of emails sent, number of opens, email addresses of individuals who clicked (warm leads), emails of anyone who unsubscribed, bounced emails, and total number of clicks.
  • To send an additional email during the period is simply the cost of one month’s fee.
  • Communicator is approved for 50% Co-op by all major OEMs.

Stylish, Modern Design

Customize your design to match your dealership while using our easy-to-navigate, highly compatible layout. Custom header design and color choices are included.

Work Truck Solutions Communicator emails are opened by an average of 30% of the recipients and 5% click links to the dealers’ websites.

30% of Communicator recipients open and view the email.

5% of Communicator recipients follow a link from the email.

Work Truck Solutions Communicator is covered under your current dealer terms of service. Submitting this form constitutes your order and you will be billed accordingly. We’ll contact you ASAP with more information about your Communicator plan. Thank you for your business!

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