Technology Online: Connecting with Truck Buyers

“How great would it be if you could keep commercial sales going 24/7 and not have to have someone sitting in their office or be out on the lot to do so? Well, you’re in for a surprise, that’s exactly what Work Truck Solutions can do for you! With their cloud-based service, Truck Buyers can…

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Technology Tracking Taking Off

“Work Truck Solutions helps Commercial/Fleet departments and medium-duty truck dealers across the U.S. show Truck Buyers that they are ‘Open for Work Truck Business’. When Truck Buyers returning to the market after 13+ years search online, they find comprehensive information for the truck they need on that dealer’s own website. Work Truck Solutions also gives…

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Ford Pro-File: Jim Cantrell

Several other dealerships within the Asbury Automotive Group are reporting success using WTS. “I like the concept. It is of real value to us,” Jim said. “It presents us to the customer as being able to offer any kind of vehicle. We try to keep a diverse selection in our inventory, but we can’t have…

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Building Better Buyers

At the end of last year Work Truck Solutions conducted a survey of truck buyers that revealed some interesting, but not terribly surprising, information. The survey asked: what are the most important factors when buying a new work truck? Read More……

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Bringing Work Trucks to Buyers

“One dealer had never stocked a dump body, however with dumps showing on their site because of the trade network, they saw that dumps were the third most searched body type. They went ahead and stocked a dump, and sold it. They stocked another, sold it, and in December they sold six. Now they keep…

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The Pain-Killer for FordPros

Imagine walking into your Dealer Principle’s office and saying, “I have found a way to increase our inventory selection, attract new commercial customers and save our CAMs untold hours from non-productive tasks forever.” Think you would get their attention? Work Truck Solution (WTS) is an idea whose time has come. WTS is a new service…

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