Work Truck Solutions Dramatically Simplifies Finding and Quoting Work Trucks Online

Work Truck Solutions, the first online platform that enables commercial inventory searches by body type and chassis, today announced their fleet solution promising a simplified process for finding, quoting and floor planning work truck inventory.

For the first time, dealers will be able to peruse online commercial trucks by body style and chassis, a missing element in the search for truck inventory up until now. In addition to search by body type, users of the dashboard have access to back-end analytics, showing which body types and chassis are being searched the most often, helping reduce flooring costs and better estimating which trucks to stock.

Here’s how it works: A customer searches the dealer’s branded website and clicks on the “Work Truck” button. A professional image menu of body and chassis styles appears, along with complete spec information, helping the customer quickly narrow down which truck will work best for his or her needs. The customer can then call or request a quote online for the truck needed. Once a request is made, the lead is sent to an automated “up” system and queued for the dealership sales team.

Meanwhile, the manager has access to monthly analytics reports that show exactly which chassis styles and body types were clicked on by online visitors, giving managers a better feel for which truck inventory to stock, and perhaps more importantly, which trucks to add into inventory for increased sales.

“Work Truck Solutions was created by work truck professionals. We’ve been there and done the six hours of calling it takes to find the right combination of chassis, body style and drive train. We’re simplifying the process dramatically so instead of six hours of calling around for the right work truck, it takes two minutes of online research,” said Kathryn Schifferle, Founder and CEO, Work Truck Solutions. “On average, after a year using Work Truck Solutions, dealerships sell 89.4% more commercial vehicles and reduce days on lot by 20.8%.”

In addition to the most complete specs and images for work trucks, Work Truck Solutions also offers access to their Dealer Trade Network, a global search feature that enables dealers to track down, buy and sell commercial inventory on lots across the country. Dealers using the network are currently showing an average of more than six times the inventory on their own lot.

Manufacturers are quickly seeing the value of Work Truck Solutions as well with 50 percent co-op dollars pre-approved by Ford Business Preferred Network, GM Business Elite, RAM Business Link, and Isuzu Commercial Truck.

“It’s gratifying that many dealerships and manufacturers are recognizing the effectiveness of our product,” added Schifferle. “Over the last three months the number of dealers using the Work Truck Solutions service has increased by 85 percent. It’s a very exciting time around here.”

For more information on Work Truck Solutions and a list of manufacturers who provide co-op dollars, please visit


About Work Truck Solutions:

Work Truck Solutions is the first commercial vehicle inventory solution that enables dealerships to post and search truck inventory by chassis and body style, creating a simplified process for finding, quoting and floor planning work truck inventory online. Founded by industry veteran, Kathryn Schifferle, in 2013, Work Truck Solutions is growing at a rapid rate and is gaining fans with Fleet Managers, manufacturers and individual dealerships across the country. Today Work Truck Solutions is serving dealers from all major commercial brands and has co-op programs in place with several manufacturers to off-set 50 percent of the monthly fee.

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