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Find Trade-Ready Upfits and Vans Your Buyers Need FASTER with the Network Inventory Finder!!

We all know that time is money. The Network Inventory Finder (NIF) saves you valuable time by making the search for trade-ready upfits and vans quick and easy. Traditional locators show the full scope of available tradeable inventory to begin with, and then they point you to a dealer site with no body-details and no answers. This dumps you into a time-sucking cycle of repeatedly getting stuck in phone-trees searching for the right Fleet/Commercial person, only to find that it’s either just not the right vehicle, or it’s not available… and round and round you go…

Your buyers know this. That’s why, so often, they reach out to multiple dealerships, significantly reducing your chance of getting the sale.

Network Inventory Finder Navigation

The NIF provides your sales team with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of work-ready trucks and vans available for trade/wholesale/etc. The robust search filters include all the necessary chassis options as well as body type, length, and specific manufacturer. Live on-lot photos and full chassis/body details help you to quickly find exactly what your buyer needs. Once you’ve found a few units that fit the bill, the Dealer Trade Details points you to the exact right point of contact for all Fleet/Commercial dealer-trade conversations. Using the NIF tools, immediately start the conversation by sending emails/texts, or just pick up the phone! Within a few minutes of having found the right vehicle and the right person to talk to, you can now quickly discuss terms. If it’s a fit, then fantastic! If not, move on to the next. In either case, you have saved yourself hours (or even days!), greatly increasing the odds of having your quote reviewed and making the sale.

Watch this quick video for more details.